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Jinyang Community "15 Feathers" Public Welfare Project

Tid: 2023-06-30 Träffar: 60

In the afternoon of August 11,2020,Oriental Pearl TV Tower Chamber of Commerce donated the "15 Feathers" public welfare project of Jinyang Community to Jinyang Community Public Welfare Foundation. The donation ceremony was held in Jinyang Yitiandi. As a member of the Chamber of Commerce, our company participated in the donation.



Every standard badminton has 16 feathers, and the "Star Child" is like a badminton without a feather, yearning for freedom to fly, but can no longer fly freely.

The project aims to enhance the physical coordination and balance abilities of special children through a public welfare badminton enlightenment course. While improving their physical fitness, it also provides them with an age-appropriate social environment, allowing them to experience the joy of communicating and exercising with peers of the same age, enhance their social willingness and ability, and establish an equal, positive, optimistic, and resilient outlook on life, We also provide psychological support and comfort to their families, helping them overcome the gloom.



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